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Scaling the access to affordable private education worldwide through online group lessons, delivered in a state-of-the art virtual classroom.

For Students

Connect with talented and experienced online tutors in a wide range of subjects. Live lessons are delivered in a fun and interactive virtual classroom where you can annotate, generate graphs, and even play music on a digital keyboard!

For Students



Whether you need help with a particular academic subject or you’re just interested in learning something new, LessonWise enables you to connect with tutors and find online courses to suit every learning need!


By sharing a course with a group of friends, or simply joining a course with multiple participants, the price per student drops. We ensure that quality of teaching will never be compromised, whether you’re in a small intimate group course or a large lecture-style session.

Social engagement

LessonWise enables you to connect with thousands of other like-minded users globally, share your learning experience and resources, and get inspired by others.

Community resources

The more our global community grows, the greater the availability of our wide range public educational resources for our users.

Retain knowledge

We provide you with a video recording of every lesson, meaning you’ll be able to consolidate all that you’ve learned in the classroom.

Any topic, any subject

As we continue to grow, you’ll be able to join courses in any subject no matter how niche.

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For Tutors

LessonWise empowers tutors by providing them the vehicle needed to scale their business. Our all-in-one online platform allows you to deliver live group lessons in a feature-packed virtual classroom, manage all your tutoring admin, and use our marketplace for free to advertise your services directly to students!

For Tutors


Access to students

With LessonWise, you’ll be at the forefront of a global student community. No need to rely on word-of-mouth referrals or pay high commission to agencies.

Group lessons

Our virtual classroom has been designed for group lessons, giving you potential scope to dramatically increase your income by accessing 100+ students simultaneously.

Centralised solution

Our built-in learning management system (LMS) allows you to set tasks & assessments, write reports, share resources, and directly communicate with your students.

Free global advertising

Tutor profiles and their public courses are visible to students worldwide as we continue to attract traffic. Students can get in touch with you directly to arrange courses.

Hassle free payments

As a tutor on LessonWise, you set your own prices. No need to chase up on payments as your students get automatically charged upon enrolment. Payments are on their way to you 30 minutes after each class has ended.

Easy to join

Our goal is to make LessonWise accessible to any subject expert. Simply fill in your information, submit a reference, and start delivering live lessons!

Live User Experience
Experience a live and interactive virtual classroom with a wide range of tools to help you get creative in your subject!

Keep your students engaged by fully utilising our classroom features and allowing them to do so too.

Learning something new is thrilling on LessonWise! Gain knowledge in the topics you are interested in.

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